Village Artistique Don Bosco

Opening 2023, the Village Artistique Don Bosco will be the largest production studio inside the city limits of Paris. A unique opportunity for global media companies, this facility will create a symbiosis between education and enterprise and garner worldwide attention as it empowers a whole new generation of global creators.

Cagliero Creative Solutions

‘Cagliero Creative Solutions’ provides innovative web and mobile applications for the cooperative market. Available November 2020, the Cagliero LMS is a groundbreaking online learning, communications and management system. Developed specifically for non-profit schools and institutions, it is an affordable solution to remote learning and training around the world.

Don Bosco International Media Academy

In the heart of Paris is the Don Bosco International Media Academy, a non-profit media school founded by award-winning industry professionals in response to the increasing exclusivity of arts and media education. Focusing on project-based learning it boasts the very latest equipment and software, and a very low teacher/student ratio.


A state-of-the-art production/post production facility for media productions, it features the latest in technology including, Red Camera, DaVinci Color, and Neve audio mixing. By collaborating with Studio DB you give HOPE to talented artists from economically and socially challenged backgrounds. Benefits from Studio DB go to media education, ecological and social related initiatives around the world.


At DBIEM we are responsible for the communications of the entire Don Bosco Network and all our associated groups and societies. As an advocate for media and arts education, we are a part of a team of tens of thousands of teachers, students, artists, and businesspeople working to help train economically challenged students in more than 130 countries worldwide.

DBIEM works with people from all over the world, with professionals inside and outside our network, with people of all faiths, and from the secular community who share our vision. We are currently involved in more than 7,000 schools, colleges and youth shelters around the world, each one dedicated to providing an education and training to those who might not otherwise have a chance. For us it is the mission given to us by our founder, Don Bosco, almost two hundred years ago.


As head of communications, DBIEM oversees all related media produced inside and outside the network. Our mandate is to focus on media, arts and entertainment, particularly as it applies to the Don Bosco educational mission. We currently have a number of major initiatives:

Village Artistique Don Bosco

The largest production studio in Paris and a unique symbiosis of Education and Enterprise. Opening in Paris 2024

Cagliero Creative Solutions

Unique digital products developed for non-profit schools and institutions around the world

Don Bosco International Media Academy

A non-profit school founded by award-winning industry professionals. Opened 2020!

Studio DB

A state-of-the-art production/post production facility. Developing quality, message-based film and TV projects.


Talent is evenly distributed but opportunity is not… The global media industry is growing rapidly, expected to reach approximately almost 7 billion Euro by 2030. But with tuition fees increasing sharply above inflation rates, education is becoming more and more expensive, depriving passionate and talented youth the chance to study and gain employment in this burgeoning field. The media arts and entertainment industry is rapidly becoming an industry of the elite, excluding the voices of talented youth due to their economic conditions. These voices need representation. A fully representative media is a foundation of a fair and balanced worldview and essential to our future.



All proceeds go directly to our projects. Thank you for your donation we will see that your generosity goes to where it is most needed today.

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Please help us by donating to the creation of our online LMS (Learning Management System) Learn More: If you are experienced media educator and wish to help us by teaching a course or masterclass, either in-person or on our online platform, please contact us:

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Please help by donating to a specific film project that our students are working on. Filmmaking and Social Responsibility go hand in hand and our “Filmmaking for Change” program allows students to learn film and video skills while educating on an important subject.

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